Designed by Ranchers
Made to Last

The idea for Boxcar livestock trailers was born while loading cattle. After frustration with our own ground-load trailer and further kitchen table discussion gleaning knowledge from other producers in Alberta, we knew we needed a superior product. A product that would stand up to the harsh northern climate, salt on our roads and one that would ensure safety of the producer and livestock.


Ground load Boxcar trailers are set apart from competitors with their unibody design that eliminates the need for crossmember under the flooring - preventing rust traps. To make sure the product looks good for years to come, it's sand blasted, primed and powder coated with an industry leading product. All wiring has soldered and shrink wrapped connections, to ensure years of trouble free service.To further prevent corrosion from the acid left from livestock the trailers come with a polymer coating 2 feet up the 12 gauge walls and across the 3/16 checker plate floor.  


Our standard trailer has five compartments. The nose compartment is 11 ft, the middle has three equal compartments and the rear stands out from competitors, boasting a full eight foot compartment - truly helping with ease and safety of loading and unloading livestock.  


Whether hauling beef cows or bison, to bucking bulls, we kept safety in mind. The design engineers ensured the trailers are constructed with a 3-1 safety factor in every aspect, so your mind can stay at ease.  Making sure you never have to be in the trailer with the livestock, all  compartments have slam latches that can be opened or released from the outside.

We wanted to build a product as an instrumental tool in every ranchers belt. Whether you are simply doing pasture hauls or pulling bulls - we want you to know that our key features embody durability, safety and ease of use. 

By ranchers - for ranchers.